Fmovies Official: Watching Disney Princess Movies

To many of us, Disney had been part of our childhood. We couldn’t help but feel giddy every time our favorite cartoons are showing up. A lot of people could relate to this and they also have seen the way animation in Disney have improved over the years. For those who grew up watching Disney movies, getting back to it every once in a while can get us feeling nostalgic.

Disney Princess Movies… Old & New

These are just some of the movies that are showcased in no other place than Disney. These princesses have surely captured us with their stories and for sure, you will remember some (or all!) of them here.


Mulan has more than one movie to showcase and every movie is worth the watch! With the dose of comedy and the glorious fighting scenes, this is easily one of the most favorite and most inspirational Disney princess films of all time. Luckily, fmovies can bring you these movies!

Sleeping Beauty

Remember those goofy fairies and a precious princess who fell under a curse? Yes, that is the story of Sleeping Beauty. This fantastic tale left the inner child in us feeling dazzled over the colors and magic that happened here in this film.


A relatively new Disney masterpiece, Tiana is the modern version of princess and the frog. However, in here, the story might turn out to be something different than the original one. This is definitely something to watch again and again!


Frozen is one of the most successful Disney Princess films of all time. With the stunning graphics and designs, this film stood out to be a sought-after film and even after years of is release, people are buzzing about it!


Who says those who have wild, moppy hair aren’t fit for a princess? This brave warrior has impressed many with her archery skills, but what can she do out of love for people that matter to her.